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Septeber 18, Price: Official website Steam Amazon There are two basic models for video game sequels. The first is to simply add more content of the type people have come to expect from the previous game, without significantly changing what has already proven successful in the first place. The second is to use the core of the previous game as a starting point for significant tinkering, experimenting with major new gameplay systems and designs that weren’t plausible for one reason or another the last time around. Most games exist somewhere in a continuum between these two poles, trying to keep some of the old while embracing their fair share of new elements. For better or worse, Borderlands 2 positions itself closer to the “more of the same” pole. This is still the same basic, enjoyable first-person-shooter-meets-RPG-style-character-progression of the first Borderlands, only more so. The most significant change Borderlands 2 can boast over its predecessor is a cohesive plot that actually hangs together reasonably well and drives the story missions forward at a decent pace. The connective tissue tying the story together is Handsome Jack, an explorer who has leveraged his discovery of a vault full of treasures into an iron-fisted despotic rulership over the powerful Hyperion corporation and the planet of Pandora. Jack is an entirely believable villain, with just the right mix of charm, sanctimony, and psychosis coming through in both his actions and frequent radio banter with the protagonists.

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I have been working on a speedrun and I noticed something about luck manipulation in the vending machine. I was in fyrestone trying to luck manipulate a DA. It seems that if you exit from the game within 30 seconds of the loading screen first appearing then the game will not auto save. I was able to confirm this by looking at my playtime and it had not advanced. This meant that I could run over to the vending machine, check it for a DA, and exit and the game would not update my save file.

The result is a significantly easier luck manipulation anywhere you segment break near a vending machine.

If you are encountering poor performance, it may be necessary to investigate other applications on your machine and possibly disable them for testing purposes.

They began with members, have around team members now and plan to be over by next year. One of the most amazing things about this growth is that the team still manages to keep up a breakneck paces when it comes from ideas to implementation. Steven added in that passion is one of the most important attributes to look before, because passion usually translates into commitment. For example when I played Everquest my character had an identity and that identity was known on the server. You made real investments with EverQuest that was usually massive amounts of tedious time that translated into you being known for something; maybe you were known for creating certain kinds of bows, or being the best healer around.

The point is this feeling of attachment has become lost and Jeff and Steven are both very passionate about getting it back. The philosophy behind the development with Ashes of Creation is that this attachment and identity comes from you having to make serious risk versus reward choices in the development of your character. This kind of decision starts early with decided your archetype.

You may be a mayor and deciding what buildings will be erected to the exclusion of others – with real consequences from your citizens – or deciding to climb the ranks of the thieves or scholars guild which makes you less reputable with the opposing guild and blocks off their content. It was possible to run into the same people over and over again in dungeons or while out exploring.

In Ashes, cross-server content will be very limited. Something like a PvP arena might be cross server, but Steven believes that server identity is equally important to character identity in the development of creating a sense of impact on a player. Additionally it would ruin the server identity. Once that gets mixed up with cross server content you will lose that identity and it will become hard to discern individual server histories.

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It says something about her parenting that Uchiha Itachi is considered a better prospect for raising a child. Young Hari is raised by one of the most infamous nukenin of all time and a cadre of “Uncles” whose cumulative effect is very. And someone had the bright idea to bring him back to England.

Like you can’t use a corrosive weapon on a flesh enemy or a fire weapon on an armored enemy.

I had very high expectations for Borderlands 2, and it met or exceeded most of them. Assemble your fellow Vault Hunters and prepare for a glorious return to Pandora. As soon as I fired up the looter shooter I was greeted with a simultaneously understated yet kickass opening cinematic. My wife, and co-op partner for life, decided it warranted multiple viewings. We chose our characters, decked them out with a small selection of customization options, and began our new adventure.

I picked Salvador the Gunzerker, because I like to move forward while killing things without the hindrance of thought. She chose the Commando, Axton, because she enjoys using automated turrets to obliterate her enemies while observing the chaos of battle. Like its predecessor, Borderlands 2 is built specifically for cooperative play. The main menu doubles as a matchmaking lobby, displaying what your friends are doing, what classes they are playing, and what mission they are working on.

Starting a local or online co-op session is simple. You can read all of the technical details of story progression, enemy scaling, loot, and leveling in our Co-Op FAQ. This means my wife and I can play split screen with two other online players.

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Needs a lot of farm to carry late-game Very short range on her attack Outshone by most other carries in 1 on 1 engagements unless she has vastly superior farm Item Build Luna is an item-hungry carry. As such, you really need safe lane farm, or at worst a dual offlane where you will be able to get decent last hits. Starting Items To start with you want a mix of regen and cost-efficient stats that will allow you to stay in the lane despite some harassment.

A typical starting build for Luna is: If you have uncontested freefarm and a good last hit rate then you can consider a Hand of Midas, in order to really accelerate your farming progress. It is a dangerous and greedy option to go for, however; if the enemy team react to your Midas pick-up by pressuring you early and forcing teamfights it could come back to bite you.

Increase your critical-hit chance every few seconds.

Kind of Big Brotherly in one respect, but sweet in another. Athena, Wilhelm the Enforcer, and Nisha the Lawbringer. I mean seriously, could the good folks over at 2K have offered a better early Christmas present? And right off the bat, no less! Players are given the usual opportunity to select their desired character based on both the quick animation sets that the series has become so famous for, and an unfortunately slim set of profile traits making up each of the possible protagonists.

And in this respect, the Pre-Sequel! Perhaps the best way to illustrate my concerns would be to say that the feel of the game, while certainly one of a quality and entertaining mold, is a bit closer to a stand-alone expansion of the previous iterations of the series than a brand new, wholly independent game. I could be alone in this, and in some sense I almost hope I am, given how much I enjoyed the rest of the components of the game, but it almost feels as though the Pre-Sequel was willing to sacrifice the initial story development for the speed of just getting into it all.

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Join the Facebook page now and let your friends know you play on GameRanger, so they can join you as well. October 29, Borderlands is GameRanger’s th game! Press Release Borderlands has just been added to GameRanger. This should solve some of the online co-op problems people have been having with the built-in service. Plenty more games still to come!

To provide rewards to a scout, the commander can share participation for the WvW Reward Track if the person has joined the squad, and the squad has a minimum of 5 members.

The Borderlands franchise is pretty big, and publisher Take Two has revealed the full extent of its popularity, stating that it has sold nearly 23 million units worldwide, since its inception in The first Borderlands came out back in , followed by Borderlands 2 in and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in , and they all have apparently sold a lot. Granted, not all the sales have been at full retail price, but it’s still an impressive feat, nonetheless. Other notable performers for Take Two are Sid Meier’s Civilization series, which has just passed the 29 million sales mark, and the Grand Theft Auto franchise, which is just incredibly popular with the crowds.

Grand Theft Auto V alone has sold over 45 million copies worldwide, and its PC edition isn’t even out yet.

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Now that the game is in the hands of a larger audience, we wanted to see how well the game holds up in the real world. When we played Borderlands for our review , the number of people playing numbered in the hundreds. Good enough to get a taste, but not indicative of real world performance.

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If you have any trouble, visit http: Thanks to everyone for your patience as we worked to find a solution, and special thanks to the folks at 22nd Century Toys for helping to make this happen! In case you missed it, this update follows an earlier update that restored multiplayer for Borderlands 1 on PC. Borderlands Visual Journey by Klopotinsha Borderlands Character Survey Results The surveys have been tallied, and the results are in! Your top three Borderlands characters in no particular order are Did your favorite character make the list?

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The Breath of Life. Our gaming community has been playing Halo 4 and Operation Flashpoint: The Pre-Sequal which we both recently completed. As part of Extra Life we played a Borderlands 2 marathon and will likely continue working on that until we’ve either gotten sick of Borderlands or completed the game. This month I’d like to give myself a couple of more goals to work towards and some are going to tie in with what our group is playing.

Chapters cover folk stories, songs, rituals, and drama, as well as epic traditions and professional storytelling, and feature both familiar and little-known texts, from the story of the woman warrior Hua Mulan to the love stories of urban storytellers in the Yangtze delta, the shaman rituals of the Manchu, and a trickster tale of the Daur people from the forests of the northeast.

Relic Iron Play multiple characters Every character gets a weekly strike, a nightfall reward, and a raid, so if you have three characters, you can do three of each, which gives you triple the goodies, since you can share the gear among your characters. If you have no bounties left to complete, you’ve already finished your raid and weekly strikes, and you still want to play more Destiny, leveling another character is probably the most efficient thing you can do.

The first player to reach level 30 did it by running the raid three times a week on three hunters, in order to collect all the raid gear in just two weekly lockouts. Having multiple characters can also save you time when upgrading your guns, because you can do the easiest bounties multiple times for huge experience gains while ignoring the more time-consuming ones. Upgrade your gear A fully upgraded exotic gun does 20 percent more damage than an un-upgraded exotic gun.

Armor upgrades also upgrade the light on the armor, so if you have incomplete upgrades, your light level could be higher. For each level your character is below an enemy, your damage is reduced significantly. You can also get them from the package you get in the mail each day after completing your first public event, and you can get lots of them in the raid. Many players assume Destiny’s loot works like the loot in Diablo or Borderlands, and that you earn the best gear from random drops.

But the loot system is actually more like World of Warcraft’s:

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Share on Facebook Taking a different approach than the first game in the series, “Diablo 2” was designed with a multiplayer focus. Players take control of one of several character classes as they go in search of evil to defeat and powerful weapons and equipment to loot. The game features an online matchmaking service through Blizzard’s Battle. For players looking to play in a more intimate setting, through a local area network, for instance, it is possible to play the game multiplayer without being connected to the Internet.

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In the later stages of the Campaign, there is also a group called the Authority. They are a highly organized and weaponized military force that controls the land. Scientists detect an asteroid the size of Manhattan spiraling in deep space. Excitement turns to concern as prediction’s have it passing dangerously close to Earth’s lunar orbit sometime in Apophis is privately assigned a Torino rating of 7, the highest ever on the scale to measure the likelihood of an object impacting Earth.

Publicly, the US and other collaborating governments announce a rating of 4. Capsules are buried deep underground and designed to burrow out at preset dates several years after the disaster.

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You’re basically SOL if you go down on a boss fight alone. With no partners to get you up, you basically have to hope the boss spawns a minion. You can of course keep minions alive on purpose, simply taking the extra hits, but this feels like it’s just a workaround, not an intended solution. Playing with four people looking for different things makes this easy. Otherwise you have to continually replay content until you get something nice.

Maybe i’m just shit at games, maybe I just had savagely bad luck, but I found myself dumping huge quantities of ammo into things and running out constantly, because I really felt underpowered relative to equal level targets.

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No, not your fated path in life, but Destiny, a long-anticipated first person shooter that’s shaping up to be one of ‘s biggest games. Destiny is developer Bungie’s first new title since creating the iconic Halo series, and it has all types of gamers and critics buzzing. The game just hit store shelves, so here’s what you need to know before you enter the battle.

Destiny is a sci-fi first-person shooter that borrows elements from a variety of other genres, such as adventure games and massively multiplayer online RPGs. You can create a custom character, explore planets, unravel a story, team up with friends and compete against the world. Destiny Review What’s the game’s story? Destiny’s story revolves around a futuristic “Golden Age” in which a mysterious moon-sized sphere called The Traveler helps turn distant planets like Venus and Mars into livable worlds.

Humanity quickly colonizes these areas, until an ancient enemy of the Traveler traces the enigmatic structure back to Earth and all but destroys it. Destiny Destiny casts you as one of the Guardians, a group of soldiers who defend Earth’s last standing city and wipe out the planet’s enemies across the solar system. What are the character classes? Destiny offers three character types:

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