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The vote means nothing at all. Only an outright idiot believes that. Yes, there are two sides to every argument, however four U. The only one with the courage and integrity to do what he promised. The other three showed their true colors when push came to shove with Obama abandoning the relationship with Israel entirely. Like him or not, President Trump did what he promised to do and that alone should carry some weight in the plus column. WaterIsWet Stop any funds and trade. Remain strong President Trump. We The People win again, and again, and once again!! This is the first tax drop of many more to come.

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Support Saudi Nuclear Energy? By Zainab Calcuttawala – Feb 22, , 2: Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said the United States should afford Saudi Arabia the same rights as other countries to develop a peaceful nuclear fuel program. Riyadh has lined up ten other nuclear allies, should American officials scoff at the idea, the minister pointed out. State Department, which requires that any nuclear reactors be used only for non-bomb civil purposes.

Twenty-two nations and the European Union have already signed such agreements. Al-Jubeir said, “This is really something that’s up to our nuclear energy professionals to deal with, but our objective is we want to have the same rights as other countries. But much of the motivation is purely economic and practical.

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The leading scapegoat at the moment: It was all a big misunderstanding, you see. He was merely supposed to kidnap Khashoggi, not kill him. The Saudi rulers are expected to say that Mr.

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More than two dozen top officials and executives from the United States and Europe, including U. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and chief executives of big banks, boycotted the investment conference over the killing of Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. Still, the three-day Future Investment Initiative conference drew hundreds of businessmen and government officials from around the world to a palatial venue in Riyadh, aiming to attract foreign capital to support Saudi economic reforms.

Many of the big Western banks whose top executives boycotted the conference sent large teams of lower-ranking executives, and continued to meet with Saudi officials on the sidelines of the event, bankers said. Few senior executives from China and Japan announced they were withdrawing from the event, putting pressure on the Western firms to maintain a presence or risk losing business.

To avoid forfeiting your test fee, you must do so no later than four days before your test date 10 days in Mainland China.

Personal vaccines and virus therapy Personalized vaccines and viruses that infect and destroy cancer cells can help the immune system to build up a strong and specific attack against skin cancers. Melanoma cells typically carry many mutations, which results in the production of altered proteins not present in healthy cells. Vaccines against such tumour-specific proteins stimulate the immune system to target and destroy the malignant cells. Patrick Ott at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, and his colleagues created personalized vaccines that each included 20 altered peptides present in tumours of individuals at high risk of melanoma recurrence.

Of six people vaccinated, four remained free of tumours 25 months later. The cancer recurred in the remaining two, but completely regressed after therapy with PD-1 inhibitors — antibodies to the cell-surface protein programmed cell death protein 1 PD-1 that block the damping down of immune responses and so prevent cancer cells from avoiding destruction. Ugur Sahin at BioNTech in Mainz, Germany, and his collaborators vaccinated 13 people with RNA molecules encoding up to 10 peptides specific to their individual melanomas.

After 12—23 months, 8 individuals were cancer-free. In two other patients, tumours regressed after vaccination, and in one more patient, after vaccination and treatment with a PD-1 inhibitor. Antoni Ribas at the University of California, Los Angeles, and an international team treated 21 patients who had advanced melanoma with injections of an oncolytic virus into the tumour, followed by combined therapy with a PD-1 inhibitor.

The virus attracted immune cells to the tumour, and the inhibition of PD-1 boosted immune activity throughout the body. Posted by Azra Raza at

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Having blown through the first deadline, the administration is now faced with a skeptical Congress preparing a range of action-forcing measures. One would think an administration besieged by what it claims are unfair Russia controversies would take pains to avoid being seen as failing to implement actions mandated by Congress against the regime of Vladimir Putin. But not the Trump administration. The deadline for implementing a host of Russia-related sanctions was Oct.

The initial royal decree to develop a nuclear power program came in , a few years after the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council GCC commissioned its own study to build reactors on the Arabian Peninsula.

Opt out or contact us anytime At West Point, he was on the football and wrestling teams and sang in the choir. He loved history and dreamed of leading men in battle. After infantry and airborne training at Fort Benning, Ga. Captain Schwarzkopf went to Vietnam as an adviser to a South Vietnamese airborne division in and once withstood a day enemy siege. In he married Brenda Holsinger. They had three children: Cynthia, Jessica and Christian. A battalion commander in his second Vietnam tour, in , he was wounded twice and won three Silver Stars for bravery.

Men in his command were killed in two actions that deeply affected him. It hit a treetop and exploded, killing Sgt.

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Land Destroyer What liberals should really be railing against, and what Trump supporters should really know about “Sharia law. What this man was likely not aware of as he made his lowbrow political statement was that the “Sharia law” he actually fears is called “Wahhabism,” and that his candidate of choice “Trump” was preparing to visit the very source of Wahhabism – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the American left remains convinced that their priority should remain resisting an alleged covert alliance between Russia and the Trump administration of which no evidence actually exists.

The operation, he sternly warned, needed their full concentration.

Search Toggle display of website navigation Report: October 16, , 9: CNN said the Saudis were preparing a report acknowledging that Khashoggi, a permanent resident of the United States, was supposed to have been abducted from Turkey, presumably to be sent back to Saudi Arabia for detention, rather than killed. The explanation would track with one floated on Monday by U. President Donald Trump, who told reporters: The British, French, and Germans issued a statement [Sunday] morning calling on them to come clean.

They felt isolated and rightly so. Mohammed bin Salman is perhaps calculating that a partial admission will be enough to appease a U. According to an August report in the New York Times, Haspel oversaw a secret base in Thailand where waterboarding—long considered a form of torture—was used. In the case of Khashoggi, of course, he did nothing more offensive than write articles critical of Mohammed bin Salman in the Washington Post.

Though it is still not clear how Khashoggi died, the Saudi government appears to be gambling that beating or manhandling him in the process of a forcible extradition to Saudi Arabia will be accepted as a reasonable explanation. Trump may be ready to forgive and forget, but it is less likely that Congress will be. In recent years, Mohammed bin Salman has launched an internationally unpopular war in Yemen, shaken down Saudi elites, blockaded a traditional ally in Qatar, and temporarily detained Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri during a visit to Riyadh.

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Prospectus Riyadh Writing a prospectus to raise capital is virtually a prerequisite. No strong investor or venture capital group will take a company seriously without a well-written professional offering Prospectus document. A prospectus is used in an equity offering to sell shares, stock or units, which is essentially an ownership stake in the company.

For a debt offering, a prospectus is used to outline the terms of the bonds or notes, such as the maturity date and interest. Our team has been preparing and writing prospectus documents for debt and equity offerings for nearly 20 years.

When Yuzvendra Chahal was introduced, he was hit over deep midwicket for a six, as India struggled to get the early breakthrough.

Share ‘We will not allow any infringement on our national security. It blames Iran for the consequences. It was the first attempted missile strike by the rebels to reach Riyadh and threaten air traffic, underscoring the growing threat posed by the conflict on Saudi Arabia’s southern border. Today the coalition sealed off air, sea and land borders in Yemen where it has been battling rebels in support of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi’s internationally recognised government since An Iranian foreign ministry statement quoted spokesman Bahram Ghassemi as saying the accusations by the coalition were ‘unjust, irresponsible, destructive and provocative’.

Ghassemi said the missile was fired by the Huthis in response ‘to war crimes and several years of aggression by the Saudis’. The crisis between Saudi Arabia and Iran escalated on Saturday when the kingdom intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile near Riyadh’s international airport pictured The missile attack, he said, was ‘an independent action in response to this aggression,’ and Iran had nothing to do with it.

Critics have accused the coalition of not doing enough to prevent civilian deaths in its air war in Yemen, where more than 8, people have been killed since the intervention began. Repeated attempts to bring about a negotiated settlement to the conflict have failed, including a series of UN-backed peace talks. The Huthis, allied with Yemen’s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh in the conflict, have captured the capital Sanaa, forcing Hadi’s government to operate from the southern city of Aden.

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Fire on Saudi jet kills

The young woman, wearing a traditional black burka, stumbled from a party held by expats in the capital Riyadh – where booze, drugs and sex flow freely. A British insider has revealed for the first time how Saudis from elite circles use social networking apps like Tinder to source prostitutes, cannabis, black market abortion pills and 99 per cent proof moonshine. Bottles of 99 per cent liquor can be bought in Saudi Arabia He said:

It is impossible to foresee the magnitude of big disasters or when they will hit, but we can take steps to make crucial infrastructure more robust so that the impact can be limited and infrastructure that is damaged can be quickly restored.

Abdo ,1,2 Faisal M. Sanai ,2,3 and Faleh Z. Al-Faleh 1,2 Ayman A. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Some million people worldwide are currently infected with the hepatitis B virus HBV , and the infection is common in the Middle East. Another million people around the globe presently live with chronic hepatitis C virus HCV infection. Despite significant decline in the prevalence of HBV and HCV infection in Saudi Arabia, these viral diseases cause significant morbidity and mortality, and impose a great burden on the country’s healthcare system.

On the other hand, Saudi epidemiology studies have shown that the hepatitis A virus seroprevalence in the country has reduced considerably over the past two decades. The progress in mapping the epidemiological pattern of viral hepatitis in Saudi Arabia has not only aided our understanding of the disease, but has also exposed the small but relevant gaps in our identification of the intricate details concerning the disease’s clinical expression.

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In service-intensive industries, it is the discretionary effort of people throughout the organization that improves operational and financial performance. Unleashing discretionary effort is only possible when companies provide people with a compelling purpose for the work they do. The high velocity performance system accomplishes this by combining three elements: Lean principles for service operations Despite the long-term rise of the service sector in most economies, the dominant paradigm for performance improvement still tends to derive from the world of manufacturing, particularly Lean techniques, which originated half a century ago in automotive factories.

Meanwhile on other sections, field and office works are underway.

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