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Floberts 9mm and smaller Only “top wads” An especially fascinating specialty is called “top wads. Many commercial loaders were in the western, central, and eastern fly ways. Note the geography of these shotshells: Utica, New York; J. Dannefelser New York, N. Shotshell Information Sources Anyone committed to collecting shotshells should be interested to pursue information that answers questions and dispels confusions that the foregoing bring to mind. The first step for being informed re any kind of ammunition is to join the IAA. See instructions this web site and join. IAA is the premier organization of its kind.

Serial Number Data

Its a major work in progress Another section that isnt entirely about dereliction but of places whose “musical heritage” is largely unknown by people who pass by these buildings. Also I wanted to explore the legendary punk venues of the 70’s and see what is there now. So another area of input for all you derelict London fans!!! The venue closed down in and suffered a fire. Rebuilding started soon after but then abandoned. The building was demolished in Autumn

Furthermore, the customer can choose stock length, grade of wood, and engraving — many features usually available only in the rarefied bespoke-shotgun arena.

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Serial numbers came after I lost the link to the page that gives the exact dates,but that is a rough estimation. Also,consider contacting Savage Co,as they have some people on staff that will help with your task. Farmer Dan , There is a circle with the letter I on the bottom of the receiver but nothing any were else on the reciever.

Rebuilding started soon after but then abandoned.

Lore of Guns Ronald S. First standardized in Britain, the shotshell took a few years to catch on in the United States. Writing in a tongue in cheek manner about his experiences with the shotgun and cartridges that he had shipped from Britain, Crossman indicates how uncommon this gauge was before World War One when he writes “This little shotgun, possibly the first ever brought over here from the wilds of England, where they hunt the ferocious rat and sparrow in their lairs His review of the new to the U.

Cave The next evolution of the was the 3 inch shell introduced by Winchester in along with their newly designed Model 42 pump shotgun Williams p. The Model 42 became an immensely popular gun in the Winchester line. As a result, many of the major shotgun manufacturers came out with their own guns chambered for the new 3 inch shell. The answer lies in the wad columns used. Before plastic came into vogue, card and fiber wads were used in shotgun shells.

The old type wad columns sealed the powder gas satisfactorily but they did not prevent the lead shot from being scraped along the bore. As a result, barrel leading and deformation of the shot were common problems in all gauges but particularly in the smaller ones. The newer plastic wad columns protect the lead pellets which results in more consistent patterns but at the expense of shot capacity.

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Stevens shotgun dates of manufacture Posted: Thu Nov 29, Stevens used plain numbers from their first double in until Letter prefixes crept in on the serial numbers used on both hammer and hammerless doubles from to They always signified a change in mechanical design or manufacturing process which resulted in an interesting variant. This was a date code which you will find illustrated in the Savage-Stevens-Fox pages of your Standard Catalog of Firearms.

Order in some Brownells Gray and White Polish.

Custom choke work This usually entails the opening of the choke. For instance you have a full choke and would like it opened to say improved cylinder. First before any work is performed, I shoot a check pattern with your gun. While the work proceeds, the gun is test patterned until the proper choke is attained. Turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks.

We machine the barrel and mechanically fasten the side ribs together.

An Introduction To Collecting Shotshells

Original packet of 5 fuses sealed original civil war fuss. Item Email Price: Mintish Box of Savage yellow, blue, red and white box. Both te box and cartridges rate as excellent.

Additional songs often sung around the Winter Solstice are:

Entries at this blog are akin to good old-fashioned campfire chats; I offer no opinion on what you should or should not purchase, or what you should be using or doing. What does or does not work for me could be long country-miles away from your tastes and your needs. I do not accept payment, gifts, discounts, freebies, products on loan, demon alcohol, drugs, plea-bargains, probation, parole, Presidential Pardons, or sexual favors for doing any review.

Google et al sticks tracking cookies on everybody. If you are online, you are being spied on; ’nuff said. You may be able to minimize your online footprints by using Tor and Duck Duck Go. To each of you, thanks for stopping by! Thursday, March 31, Stevens Model. In my book, the superposed. My Dad had one just like this one during his early days in Eastern Tennessee; it was his first gun.

Date Your Firearm

Hunting, fishing, cooking, and other critical aspects of life. Hits and Misses Monday, July 29, Dating a Double-Barreled Hammer Gun I recently acquired a hammer shotgun of uncertain age in bad repair because I thought I could learn more about antique shotguns by hands-on examination of a real one. It had several features which I had never seen before, and those in turn led me to ask: How does one begin to date an old shotgun?

After some research, the answer is:

The song begins with a vision of the Goddess singing a lullaby to her child.

Savage 28 Gauge Problems and Rant Posted: Fri Jan 08, 4: Sat Sep 09, Plainfield, IL footindave wrote: He talks to Cabela’s and we were not surprised when they directed him to Savage, so he gets on the phone to Savage and they advise send it back but it will take 8 weeks. Here’s my rant, a customer buys a new gun with hard earned money and it breaks, which after a little research shows this is not a new problem, and he is told it will take up to 8 weeks to look at.

Why would you be surprised? The gun is noticeably muzzle heavy, as you might expect with an alloy receiver. For the money, it isn’t a bad looking gun at all, just plain in appearance. The tang safety works smoothly, and the triggers are surprisingly light, breaking at just under 4 pounds after noticeable take-up. There isn’t much in the way of any recoil pad, just a thin rubber butt plate. As you would imagine, the gun kicks like a mule, just as any six pound class fixed breech 12 gauge would be expected to.

It is no clays gun, to be sure, but tolerable with fps 1 oz. I took the first few shots at clays myself and the Stevens broke them just fine.


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