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While one half of the metaphor may be a grand human idea: Come up with 5 metaphors. Now let’s chat about absurdism. Although various classical and important plays have toyed with absurd situations, it was the futility of WWII combined with the surreal and existential that birthed such a movement. When any moment we are threatened with total destruction, what else is there to do but sit stunned and blankly in misunderstanding, or weave a web of words that lack meaning? Traditional theater often attempts to show a realistic portrayal of life.

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Recap by David Schaub, editing by Deanna Chapman. To subscribe to all our Legends of Tomorrow-related content, check out this feed: Our discussion topics include Ollie showing off some appropriate skill, ridiculous flamethrowers, silent but deadly fights, and more time with a delightfully grizzled character. Then, in our Superhero Sweep segment, we talk about the cancellation of Luke Cage and the most recent season of Daredevil.

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The Court Jester Around the World”. Hidden next to the book reviews is a link to a couple of lengthy excerpts for you to read, and a long and informative interview. The rest of the site promises much, with various nicely designed features, but hasn’t been developed or updated in quite a while. Nevertheless, there’s some great, rare, and well-informed material here. This subject hints at the true role and origins of the Fool. Multicultural Clowns A brief collection of notes on clowns and fools in various cultures, including Asian and Native American, plus a non-annotated copy of a list of names that is better consulted at the Jester’s Mask – see above.

The names listed were used for clowns in various countries, but the other site gives explanations, which helps since some of these names were used more for entertainers of other kinds.


Korean Film Council www. Voice from the Heart South Korean film companies have been accused in recent years of rehashing the same old storylines and ideas. Such criticism might be justified, but on rare occasions, something truly unusual does still slip through the cracks. A quick look at the synopsis of Sori: Voice From the Heart confirms this.

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At an average of 8. So we ended where it all began in some sense, with Ghost, Tommy and Kanan reunited and seeking revenge. Is Season 5 going to be about seeking resolution as well as going to war? Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan are having a reunion, and as we like to call it, a family reunion. All those relationships shift and have different resentments, and old hurts, and old wounds, and all those things are still kind of all working underneath the surface.

Ramirez thanks to Dre and the killing of Raina by corrupt cop Ray Ray with a bullet intended for Tariq? Well, part of what happened as we planned Season 4, was that the theme of consequences, which was kind of what was running through Season 3 and the theme of redemption that was running through Season 4, those things were underscored by this tragedy having to do with Ghost going inside at the beginning of this season. Really the whole season is about this one thing — Ghost getting arrested and being on trial.

That makes everyone react, and everybody circles the wagon. So going that direction we thought was really interesting and then bringing everyone back together in episode 10 after the tragedy of the death of Raina. I think this is our best season in a lot of ways. I thought Season 3 was very strong. I thought we did a really good job there.

Breaking Bad: The 8 Big Questions We’re Still Pondering

Amelia Shepherd has been cast afloat since losing her fellowship. She tries to find a niche in LA and at Oceanside Wellness as a member of the practice. Think Mash meets s lesbian pulp film. When not preoccupied by sexual conquest, practicing medicine or avoiding the tragic Oceanside Wellness curse, will Amelia finally latch on to a promising opportunity?

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And ONLY their bodies.. Dale being turned into a frog in “Good Times, Bat Times” might count, too. Remember the classic Chip ‘n Dale? It could be argued the setting had an inverse shift, though. Instead of living alongside Donald Duck, they hide their Mouse World from the human civilization. When Plato said the fate of the federal gold reserved rest with the group, he called them ‘Rescue Rangers’.

Chip liked the name and it became official. The Rescue Ranger’s Headquarters is one. Chip and Dale in most episodes, frequently resulting in a bop on the head for Dale. Steggy’s anatomy is completely wrong for a Stegosaurus. Apparantly even dinosaurs had aliens among them. Aliens identical to them that were originally small and intelligent but grew big and stupid thanks to earthling food. Chip in “Piratsy Under the Seas” for example.

Attack of the Foot Whatever:

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Is your dad still washing the car? Hopefully he’s still preoccupied so you can sneak out. But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for an encounter. Luckily, that is exactly what you are.

Describe the concept and context of contemporary sexual hookup culture and behavior.

Leave a comment By Olivia Legere Editorial introduction: Part 1 is below and Part 2 will appear next week. Sharyn Potter in Durham, NH. I went to two bars frequented by UNH students Bar 1 and Bar 2 in downtown Durham and wrote about my experience as a woman in public spaces. I use my experience to comment on the prevalence and influence of rape culture on the college campus where I studied and conducted research. Rape culture is invisible to most people.

Some people feel like men and women are equal and we have already progressed as far as possible toward total gender parity, and others feel like they are drowning in a culture that objectifies them. Rape culture is mostly exposed at nighttime, often when alcohol is being used, and tends to occur in closed spaces like bars or parties rather than out in the open. At UNH, if you are not going to Bar 1, or to any parties, you could be blissfully unaware of what young women experience when they attempt to enjoy themselves at a party or at commercial establishments where young people congregate at night.

Before moving forward it is crucial to discuss the term rape culture. It can have harsh implications, much as feminism can. Both of these terms are often interpreted as exclusionary and accusatory of men, instead of signaling that there is an inequality in society that needs the attention and acceptance of everyone.


This enormously entertaining one-woman show by Wendy Weiner—who in real life is a freelance magazine copy editor—focuses on Winifred White, a stern woman who runs the copy editing department of a fictional women’s magazine at Conde Nast. The production begins with Winifred speaking to audience members as if they were job applicants and somewhat echoing Debbie Allen in Fame: So, you want to copy edit.

It was in the pre-production for most of its lifespan due to being put on hold multiple times before actually finally entering full development in

Release[ edit ] This Is 40 was originally scheduled to be released on June 1, The film was released on December 21, , opening in 2, locations nationwide. The site’s critical consensus reads: Rudd and Mann are a joy to watch, especially when their comic darts draw blood, as when Debbie tells “charmboy” Pete that inside he’s a dick. Cheers as well to a terrific supporting cast, including Melissa McCarthy as a mother from hell, John Lithgow as Debbie’s withdrawn father, and the priceless Albert Brooks as Pete’s dad, living off his son’s dole to support his tow-headed triplets.

This Is 40 doesn’t build to a catharsis. It sometimes dawdles as it circles the spectacle of a marriage in flux. Yet Pete and Debbie’s sparring yields some of Apatow’s most personal observations yet on the feelings for husbands, wives, parents, and children that we categorize as love. Then comes the second line, building smartly on the setup: Rudd can get away with murder on sheer charm. But it’s easy, and sort of lazy, to establish jokes and entire scenes built upon mocking somebody’s dialect, or the older daughter’s obsession with Lost.

His main complaint about the film was its running time and most of the unnecessary supporting characters.


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