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Please scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on downloading and installing the Runic Keyboard Layouts. As the Runic script spread, it became adapted and modified for use with the particular Germanic language of its users, and so a number of distinct Runic traditions developed, with varying numbers of letters, as few as sixteen or as many as thirty-four. Four main runic traditions can be adduced: The following variations on the sixteen-letter runic script can be distinguished: Scandinavian Pointed Runic Alphabet also known as “dotted runes”: In addition to ordinary runes, cryptic runes known as Hahalruna runes may be found, for example on the Hackness Cross in England. The prevalence of vertical and diagonal strokes, and the absence of horizontal strokes suggests that runes were originally devised specifically for carving on wood with the grain running horizontally.

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This is in contrast to type K, which was its precursor and from which in some instances it can be difficult to distinguish, just like previously emphasized under this type. I divide the type into three groups, of which the first two groups are sharply distinguishable from type K. I include twelve swords in this group, all with double-edged blades, as far as these are identifiable:

Fermented at a temperature that allows the yeast form fruit esters that give a soft balance between the dark malts and hops.

Eksterne henvisninger Rediger Archive. The Myths of Norumbega Citat: The European Discovery of America: The Northern Voyages debunks the 19th century assertion of Norumbega as a Viking name and is the foremost among many historians who assert it is entirely a myth. The Defences of Norumbega. Professor Eben Norton Horsford. The book itself has been scanned and made available as a sequence of images Did Leif Erikson once live in Cambridge, Massachusetts?

Around the intersection of Memorial Drive and Mt. Horsford did a little digging literally and found some buried artifacts that he claimed were Norse. On the spot he built the memorial you saw. He didn’t stop there

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Shauna of Carrick Point Because Old Norse does not use unmarked patronymics, Idunn is not a properly formed byname. The properly constructed Old Norse form would be Idunsdottir. To make this name registerable, the byname must either be changed to a close English form or to the properly constructed Old Norse form.

The version Borring appears in an old legend , and is used a few times between and

However, the inland counties of Kristian, Buskerud and Bratsberg do not have a large portion of them, and neither do Akershus and Hedemarken. The coastal areas are richer however, except for the poorer counties of Nedenes, Lister and Mandal. Many of the swords have damascened blades; several also have [94] inscriptions or imitations thereof. Lorange depicts two such swords with “Ulfberht” [inscriptions] on the blade [9]. If one looks at the weapon-combinations under this type, there are numerous other weapons that occur in the same finds.

If one should look at all the finds simultaneously, it would seem quite hopeless to order them into specific time periods. We must remember however, that the type is very numerous and contains over one tenth of the material from the [entire] Viking Age. There is no doubt therefore that this type has existed longer than any other type.

We must therefore initially look at the time period when it first appeared, see if there is reliable evidence that it really appeared together with older forms of weaponry, investigate further which types of weapons occurred at the same time as this type, and also see if it is certain that these occurred together with later weapons. If we can prove that the type occurred both together with early and with late weapons it would also be interesting to investigate whether there is any change to observe in the form or shape of the handles of those swords occurring with the earlier [weapons] and those occurring with the later weapons.

The same is also the case in finds where oval buckles or rattles occur.

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It should be noted that all keystrokes are case sensitive i.

The brewery was founded in late and produces We have the possibility for growing our own barley, own hops and the water is a local well.. He had his castle between the two fiords of Kerteminde and Odense and could control a large area. Luckily, in the burial ship was uncovered and is now exhibited at the Viking Museum in Ladby. So the genuine beer from the old farms, lives again.

Our vision and goal is to focus on beer, where yeast creates delicious aromatic ales and define the character of our ales. Our Brewmaster was educated with a master degree in biology and a PhD in Health Science from the University of Copenhagen before he started the present family brewery, This means that areas like protein chemistry, cell biology and molecular biology add to his appliance of the original family brewing lore.. Our brew master is married and has three children so the next generation is getting ready to maybe one day take over the family business.

Biologist from the University of Copenhagen. A PhD in Health Science. Strong Scotch Ale is a strong ale which was traditionally brewed in Edinburgh in the 19th century and became better known as Wee Heavy. Won a Bronze medal at European Beer Star, which is considered to be the second hardest conception in World.


Odense Municipality Odense Municipality is the administrative unit which covers not only the city of Odense but surrounding suburbs and villages. Odense City Council consists of 29 members, including a mayor. His first term was from to when he was defeated by Jan Boye , a Conservative. In recent years there has been a general trend from manufacturing into the service sector.

The coastal areas are richer however, except for the poorer counties of Nedenes, Lister and Mandal.

How often do you see a church with three completely different towers? This is just the impression from the outside. Coming inside, the surprises may be even bigger. And there is an explanation. The church is the oldest in Denmark, having survived and being amended over and over again. It is told that the first church on the site was from about year , most likely not the one we see today, but still a very old church and the changes over the years can be seen.

For further details of the history and events, just consult the web and you can read for hours. When entering the church one might think it is one of the regular interiors, but you will soon be surprised. Seeing an apse in this old church with modern decorations made as late as is almost a shock to a visitor, and the contrast to the rest of the interior is enormous.

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The town was a thriving market place on the Ribe River in AD, growing throughout the Viking Age to become a busy metropolis with international trade connections. Attracting craftsmen and traders from near and far, excavations have recovered numerous fascinating archaeological remnants from this period. On this very location, the Ribe Viking Museum houses these artefacts and other Middle Ages finds, along with a full size model of parts of a Viking market and ship, with a detailed history through to the s.

Alternatively, join one of the haunting ghost walks that take place on Wednesday nights. Venture into the seaside On the outskirts of Ribe and complementing the Vikings maritime history, the Wadden Sea Center takes a more nature based look at the surrounding Wadden Sea National Park and coast with exhibitions about the extraordinary lives of migratory birds which flock here in their millions and a cultural journey through the middle ages to modern day.

Significantly it lies next to a second erected by Harald Bluetooth to mark the coming of Christianity to Denmark and the end of the Viking era.

I now know the type in altogether 39 specimens in this country, whereof probably two of them are uncertain.

Ove Madsen Summary translation: Af skjortens saga, Mytte Fentz. Tindens Tand , nr. Parts of houses, well constructions and fences as well as other archaeological objects, all in a good state of preservation, proved that different artisans had been working and living here; also found was a big lump of textile material. Analyses at Viborg Amtskonserveringsanstalt of the material, the different fragments Fig. Based on the interpretation a reconstruction was made Fig.

It is presumed that the shirt had long sleeves. The likely utilization of the cloth length Fig. Most of our knowledge concerning Viking male costume derives from written documents, depictions and surviving textile fragments from archaeological excavations. Men wore tunics reaching down to about the knees, long trousers and a cloak fastened with a buckle on the right shoulder. These tunics, the cut of which is Persian-inspired, can be followed throughout the Mediterranean countries in the latter half of the first millennium.

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